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ISSN: 2451-7755

The Journal of Antarctic Affairs is the academic publication of the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition (ASOC) and Fundacion Agenda Antártica, which aims to publish and disseminate the most prominent and influential research in relation to Antarctica. The journal publishes articles and opinion pieces both in English and Spanish. The purpose of this
publication is also to stimulate research that contributes to environmental protection of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean.

The ideas expressed in the texts published here are the sole responsibility of their authors and do not necessarily reflect the viewpoint of the Journal of Antarctic Affairs. The accuracy of the content should not be assumed. All content should be independently authenticated with primary sources of information. The Editorial Board invites all interested persons to
submit their contributions to this forum but reserves the right to publish the submissions received. Reproduction of the contents is allowed, provided that the source is mentioned, and an electronic copy is sent to the Editorial Board.